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Happy shot of the team
Happy shot of the team
Happy shot of the team
Happy shot of the team

Our story

Terminal Velocity was founded in 2022 by a group of seasoned leaders from AAA studios who had previously struggled to find experienced external partners for their online and multiplayer projects. Recognizing this gap in the industry, they established Terminal Velocity to provide specialized backend solutions.

Today, the Terminal Velocity team is made up of hand-picked and in-house trained engineers with a passion for building scalable, high-performance services that empower game developers to push the boundaries of their craft.

I’m so proud to be leading such an awesome team of highly passionate and skilled individuals.

Photo of Larry Rye
Larry Rye General Manager, Terminal Velocity

Core Values

Here’s how we roll

We play co-op

We thrive on collaboration, recognizing that world-class work can only be achieved by a world-class team. Whether we’re working internally or partnering with our clients and stakeholders, we foster an environment of trust and cooperation.

We f*ing love games

We believe that humans are hardwired to learn and grow through play, and making making games requires a love of games, game players, and the artists who create them.

We are fearless

Just like diving headfirst into a high-stakes raid, we’re not afraid to venture into the unknown, experiment with new ideas, and tackle the toughest problems head-on. We come equipped with an innovative spirit and the ability to take calculated risks & deliver.

We get shit done

We approach every challenge with the determination and skill to win. We love to beat the boss, tank the turret, and bring home the V.

We take hospitality to heart

We strive to make working with us feel like dining at a 5-star restaurant. It’s our job to provice an exceptional and seamless experience, ensuring every detail is meticulously attended to.

Our Team

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Happy shot of the team
Happy shot of the team
Happy shot of the team
A Global Affair

While we’re a global team, unlike other companies we’re generally clustered around three office hubs in New York (US), Cardiff (UK), and Austin (US). We still enjoy the occasional morning coffee walk, mid-day whiteboard session, and after work beverage. Don’t worry though, maintain enough flexibility to ensure we never miss a soccer game.

Good to grow?

We're just better, together.

Without extraordinarily talented people, we would not succeed. If you have stress-tested expertise and an unquenchable thirst to be at the forefront of know about planet scale multiplayer games, we'd love to hear from you.