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We design and build the multiplayer features behind today’s hottest games

Who we are

Online & Multiplayer Experts

We're a team of seasoned multiplayer veterans with expertise from studios including Blizzard, PUBG, Epic, and Unity. We bring years of experience designing the the social, monetization, matchmaking, and fleet management systems behind many of your favorite games.

We love stable servers and boring launches.

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What we do

Platform & Build Engineering

We design, build, and support platform services based on the bespoke needs of our clients. We can work as both a staff augmentation solution and a and project-based team. We have a practical and nuanced understanding of the unique needs of today's global gaming environments.

We are well versed in a wide array of languages including C++, C#, Golang, Rust, Java, and more - as well as the most popular cloud services.


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